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​Hi, my name is Rebecca. Welcome to my fitness and nutrition website!

Let me introduce myself. I was a yoyo dieter for years. I’ve tried every diet under the sun. I tried a slimming club where I lost all my weight and skipped out of there convinced that I could maintain and keep the weight off all by myself and never went back. I've also been to another slimming club which didn’t work for me. From then on, I just tried every fad diet under the sun.

​I realise now that ‘diet’ is an overused word. You don’t go ‘on a diet’. Your diet is actually what you eat everyday whether you eat a healthy diet or unhealthy one.  I’ve learnt to lose my weight and maintain it. I’ve learnt that the scales are not the only way of measuring your progress.  In fact, during the pandemic, I lost 10” but no weight.

​I’ve always loved exercise and have completed half marathons and triathlons over the years. I now love working out at home. I can fit it in around my lifestyle and still see results.

During lockdown, I raised money for the NHS by working out everyday in March and by the end of then, I was in the habit, I was hooked. I love the feeling of endorphins that are released after exercise. After 3 months of working out, I started to see results. I enjoyed the variety of workouts I chose. I did combat, dance, stretch, strength and when we were allowed, we walked everyday.

I enjoyed it all so much, I decided I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. I wanted people to get that same feeling of smugness you get after a workout. So, I decided to become a Personal Trainer. I now love helping people to change their lifestyle in small, baby steps. Doing it this way, means it’s less overwhelming. Changing life time habits takes time and practise but having the tools to change these habits over time, is less daunting and less overwhelming. When you start to see the results, it really is worth all the hard work.

I love helping new clients. I have clients who are brand new to exercise and we work together as a team to adapt exercises that are achievable to that particular person. A bespoke training programme, if you like. I also have clients who are well practised in their fitness journey and we work together to push ourselves to our own personal limit. Every workout is yours. I will help you achieve your best workout every time by encouraging progress every single time.

I am a food addict and I always will be. I have used every excuse under the sun to over indulge. The difference now is I have the tools to cope with it. I have the coping strategies to deal with these excuses.

Let me help you do the same and become the best you can be!

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