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Fitness Festival

I keep thinking back to the 1st amazing Fitness Festival in February and giggling at the funny bits, smiling at the proud bits and thinking about what a truly epic day it was! I absolutely can't wait for the 2nd Festival in just under 3 weeks. Here is what the day will involve!

Kevin will start the day off with Tai Chi. What a wonderful start to the day! Some of his lovely ladies from his regular class come along so it makes it easier for us to follow people who know what they are doing. It is a lovely calming session which helps us warm up our muscles without any jumping around!

Next up is Terri with Taekwondo. Terri was recommended to me by a friend and so I hadn't met her until the night before the last Festival. What a lovely, energetic lady she is! Her session is great fun with clear instruction and fun pair work which helps break the ice and encourages new friendships, too!

We then have 3 workshops with 3 amazing wellness experts. Cara is running a mindset session called 'Mindset Magic: Unlocking Your Next Chapter', Frances will be answering all your questions to do with the Menopause, HRT and Hormones and then we have Sam who will be running her Laughter Yoga session to help us expand our mental and emotional health with positive psychology.

Zumba will be taught by Em. Woohoo! It really feels like you're at a party! It is fun, energetic and you'll laugh all the way through.

I will be teaching Kettlebells after Em and what a hard act to follow! It'll a fun introduction to Kettlebells and Strength training for anyone who hasn't done it before. I love Kettlebells because one exercise works out lots of different muscles, multi-tasking for the whole body!

Michelle will take us through a Pilates and Stretch session which is a lovely class. She really concentrates on technique and her explanations are really in depth and help us understand why we are doing a particular exercise or stretch.

Finally, Cara will be running a meditation session to help us relax and wind down after a day of fitness and wellbeing.

We also have Designed by Sports coming to sell some of their Sports and Leisurewear. I will be selling Aromatherapy Balms and Candles by Scentered.

We are holding a raffle to win an amazing wellness hamper to raise money for Brain Tumour Research in memory of Terri's father in law and Cara's grandad.

As you can see from the attached photo, there will be props for you to wear and take photos. There will be a selfie station. There is a real festival feel to the day with face glitter and paint, if the mood takes you! It's a great fun day!

You can still book your tickets via FESTIVAL AUTUMN 2023 | Broccoli and Biceps One ticket for £30 or 2 for £50 with the code FESTIVALFRIEND.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the First Broccoli and Biceps Fitness Festival and helping make it such a success. I can't wait for the next one!

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