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One doesn't work without the others

Have you ever wondered why you're motivated to workout one day but not eat healthy and vice versa?

I strongly believe three things need to be in place everyday in order to make the above work in unison. I visualise it as a pyramid and each side represents an action to help you reach your goal.

These words are Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset. If one or more of these actions aren't followed, the triangle is broken and it's difficult to stay motivated.

If you eat an unhealthy diet, you're going to feel sluggish and lethargic and not feel like working out. Or, workout doubly hard which will have an adverse effect. If you wake up with the right mindset, schedule your workout into your day, plan what you are going to eat that day then you will feel so much better for it.

We don't always wake up with this motivation but some simple things can help. Laying out your workout clothes the night before will encourage you to put them on straight away and, let's be honest, we never regret a workout. Arranging a walk with a friend or finding a workout buddy at the gym will help you stay motivated. Planning your meals for the week helps keep you on track and if you can make an extra portion, put it in the freezer for those times you don't feel like cooking.

Finally, if your mindset isn't there, you want to stay in bed all day or just can't summon the energy to do anything, that's OK. Sometimes, we all need a duvet day. Just make sure it's the one day!

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